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Concordia University - School of community and Public Affairs

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Depuis : Fin des années 80
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Écoute pour le changement systémique,
Marguerite Mendell
Research Partner
Concordia University - School of community and Public Affairs


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

I listen! There are a lot of problems that bother me and I would like to work with intelligent and sensitive people to improve society. To know how to do this, I have to listen to what they want, and are looking for.

What are you listening to?

How people define happiness, work, their problems, their experiences, their personal history and their well being. How young people understand their economy, their environment, and their society. How to put finance back in service of people and communities. How to develop another economy, another vision of society.


How can we make a link between the social and solidarity economy and the mobility of the commons? How can we structure innovations such they don't get left aside? How can we be conscious of what is emerging quickly and not waste time?


We create partnerships with organizations in the community who work on the ground, with the people. We engage students to grow the new generation of social innovation and social and solidarity economy.

Fondements Théorique

Partnership research, anthropological approaches, ethnographic approaches. We must leave the dominant paradigm of the economy, where researchers rarely listen.


Michel Bauwens
Christian Laione, for his works on the commons in Italy

L’importance de l’écoute

Failing to listen is irresponsible when we look at the consequences on people who suffer. How can we look at the world and not listen to anything our vulnerable citizens are saying? Listening is taking a step back, being able to remove ourselves and map out the trends to find the incubators of economic transformations.


It is very important to take the time to conceptualize the tendencies that emerge through all these solidarity initiatives, to change the collective, global narrative. What becomes possible then is co-management, the emergence of new types of governance.