Taille : 13-100
Depuis : 2006 / Labs depuis environ 1 an
Statut : en cours
Duréé :
Territoire : Local

Écoute à long terme
Écoute pour co-création
Écoute pour le changement systémique

William Beauchemin
Manager of the Social Innovation Lab


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

We work with people across society to see how we can create ways to be better together, creating and collaborating, in particular with those are heard less often.
We experiment to create pathways into places we would typically not enter into.

What are you listening to?

It depends! We do intellectual mediation, we follow the interest of the participants. It’s based on critical thinking of citizens actions.


Is listening enough? What can be done to create a potential for systematic transformation?


Primarily intellectual mediation. It’s a practice codified from a transfer perspective. We create situations that allow for an equal and co-created reflection.
We ask ourselves what we can achieve if we start from the perspective that everyone is intelligent.
It’s a way of working that structures our methodologies.
We can anchor the discussion around an object (a photo, a song) to anchor the interaction.

Fondements Théorique

Social innovation. Critical theory – emancipation and inclusion intertwined with one another.
A radical pedagogy, new philosophical practices, performance art, relational art.


Percolab! www.percolab.com
The Young Foundation – youngfoundation.org for social change – a transformative narrative leading to socio economic change
The works of Éric Olin-Wright – the real utopias project / envisioning real utopias / the socialist compass

L’importance de l’écoute

It’s a moment of sharing and connection between humans who are trying to understand the world. If we stop at hearing, and we don’t let it transform (the listening process), we miss a potential for life together.
Listening is important because it allows the articulation of thought and intellect, especially in contexts where people are not well heard or have a pertinent understanding.
We fail to listen to them for all sorts of reasons, but they are precisely the ones who need to be listened to so that we can address certain issues.


It offers new frameworks to understand our lives and our collective destiny.