Taille : 13-100
Depuis : 2005
Statut : terminé
Duréé :
Territoire : Local

Écoute pour co-création
Ghassam Fayad
Founder, trainer, mentor, media production


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

We try to understand why there was a war in Lebanon. It’s about the impact of the Syrian refugees on the history of Lebanon, and the stories of the people, all because there was a disagreement.

What are you listening to?

  • Syrian refugees, their different stories
  • Al-Jazeera
  • human histories
  • memories
  • the erasure of memories
  • what Syrians think and see of Lebanon


When is the time to listen? How do we give ourselves time to listen?


The approach, the availability, the time are important. We make video capsules, photos to document and portraits. Listening is connected to reflection. We did 6 months of research to identify our speakers and spent four weeks in Lebanon to document it all.

Fondements Théorique


L’importance de l’écoute

It’s the primary condition of communication. Listening leads to a two directional change, both speakers. It leads to personal transformation.


By listening we can have a real reception and transmission of meaning. People are touched. Listening allows for nuance because it brings us to a new understanding of complexity.