Excluded Voices

Parole d’Exclues

Taille : 13-100
Depuis : 2012
Statut : en cours
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Territoire : Local

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Amélie Daigle
Parole d’Exclues


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

We work to end poverty and social exclusion in our society, by bringing people together around projects that inspire them to change their situation, their neighbourhood, their society.

What are you listening to?

We are challenged by everything that affects poverty, exclusion and democracy in an environment. These things are expressed in very subtle things, we must listen to the subtext, what is behind the individual experience that reveals systemic issues. Everything must be heard, and when there is an opportunity to dig, a door that opens, one must seize it. We listen to all ideas and proposals. People intuitively know what to put in place to change a situation, and if not, we invent it together.


How do we collectively develop the capacity to receive speech, so that collectively, citizens themselves gain that capacity and desire to listen and do something with it ?


It depends on the timing or the moments:
– When we try to understand needs / aspirations, we seek to enter into relation with the people. We use the neighbourhood parties, we organize informal meetings. We can also use questionnaires, interviews, focus groups.
– For everyday listening, collectives are formed around certain subjects
– Creative methodologies are used to liberate speech differently and to facilitate learning about democracy and dialogue. At all times, we work with the cross-fertilization of knowledge (academic, professional and citizen)

Fondements Théorique

-poverty is a social product and not an inevitability.
-offering speech is the starting point for working with social change
-the solution is collective and not individual, poverty is a systemic issue
-citizen mobilization is an important element of the solution for social change


Paroles d’Exclus was born from a trip to Latin America. The foundational work inspires me, with dialogue at the heart of action and the attention to building together, believing in people and communal forces.

L’importance de l’écoute

Listening is essential, a sign of our methodology, it’s part of our DNA to work this way. With listening comes the opportunity to speak, which is the starting point for mobilization and a real social change. What it creates is that we put in place perennial changes, because they are defined, put forward and taken care of by the environment.


Through listening we can influence politics and institutions to reimagine how we can build the city together. On both sides there is this listening for proposals, expertise, approaches to working with citizens and people who are excluded. It's the societal spirit that is changed.