Participatory Research: Young People’s Voices

Concordia University Department of Applied Human Sciences

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Natasha Blanchet-Cohen
Scientific Director
Concordia University Department of Applied Human Sciences


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

Everyone has the right to express themselves, to share, to be understood by others and to participate, to improve and define their life. We give space to young people to define their voice.

What are you listening to?

I listen to the voices of young people. It’s often connected to their experience. It depends on the context. I listen to their environment, their family, navigating their world. I listen to how the young people make sense of complexity in their lives, their roles.


How can we work with marginalized youth, who are excluded and not listened to? How can we give them confidence so they will express themselves ?


There is an ethics of listening, it is necessary to create the space so that the person feels at ease. I use creative methods to provoke speaking. It’s active research, young people are participating in the collection of data and co-analyzing, which helps the meaning emerge.

Fondements Théorique

Theories of action research and participatory processes. Legal structures of children’s rights.


A foundation that does systemic work with young people in Tanger

L’importance de l’écoute

Listening is part of the right to participate. To participate, you must be listened to, but you must also find your voice. Participating allows young people to develop their self confidence, their self-esteem and to grow to their full potential, recognizing their place, their value and their power to act as a citizen.


Listening allows us to learn and imagine new solutions to new realities. The reality of young people is not well known by adults, so we need to talk to them and involve them in the solutions.