Re-imagining the alleyways of downtown Montreal


Taille : 4-12
Depuis : 2007
Statut : en cours
Duréé :
Territoire : Local

Écoute pour co-création
Cédric Jamet


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

We help groups of adults to do projects together, to have better reflections, to speak and act together for the common good.

What are you listening to?

We listen to citizens (in the larger sense of the word: the person who passes a space, uses it, lives there), institutions, places, we also listen to ourselves.


Can we transform our cities without transforming ourselves? How can we have both a generative and collective listening?


We listen from powerful questions, that call and energize. We create prototypes directly in the place where we work, with the people. We spend time in the space, we listen to ourselves. Then we do collective sense-making , with the people we are working with, to recognize the patterns and detect the tensions.

Fondements Théorique

We always work with explicit theoretical frameworks: complexity, participatory leadership, emergence, design thinking.
Listening and action mutually reinforce each other.
The people are the experts of their territory.


Team academy:
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L’importance de l’écoute

Listening is a process of co-sensing, it requires learning to step our of your own point of view, of your prejudices and to look for what will surprise us. It’s be open to differences, and to the things that confront us. It implies entering into a dialogue with the other to create something real and beautiful together. It changes us.
It has an impact on several scales: we come better listeners, and better people, in all aspects of our lives. It’s also a remedy for cynicism and apathy: when we are listened to we are important and valid.


By listening we can give ourselves the opportunity to live and work better together. It's also the opportunity to build a city in common, made by and for the people who live there, in service of life.