Sampling Youth Development

Sampling Youth Development

Taille : 13-100
Depuis : fall 2016
Statut : en cours
Duréé :
Territoire : Local

Écoute pour co-création
Écoute pour le changement systémique

Brandy Byrd
Sampling Youth Development


How would you describe your project to a six-year old child?

The project listens to young people experiences in order to help improve their lives and how they organize.

What are you listening to?

We listen to young people in Montreal (16-29) : their experiences of being young people in the city (home, health and wellness, transportation, safety, education).


Why isn’t there more academic research that engages to impact?


We listen in the streets, and in private spaces.
To create meaning, we organize data with preliminary coding, using large themes (gender // safety, etc.) as they are brought up.

Fondements Théorique

– Institutional ethnography
– Youth participatory research
– Marxist / feminist theory
– Looking into how people are being failed


Exeko –
Studio No bad sound – Côte des Neiges –

L’importance de l’écoute

Listening is important because:
1) you want to know what matters
2) it connects people
3) to change a situation you need to hear first
4) it creates a sense of respect and trust and engages people to find ways to understand deeper that if they did not listen.


We can mobilize institutions that resist change to be safer and more inclusive.