Stories for Humanity

Stories for Humanity

Taille : 1-3
Depuis : 2008
Statut : en cours
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Territoire : International

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http://www.storiesforhumanity. com
Carine Valleau
Stories for Humanity


How would you describe your project to a 6 year-old child?

There are plenty of problems and things that are not fair in the world, sometimes people don’t know about them or they aren’t interested. Stories For Humanity helps people get interested without judgement, by hosting events where it’s constructive, fun and where we don’t judge. I think that if do this, there are people who feel heard, and there are more people who are willing to do something to help, if they want.

What are you listening to?

It is less important who listens than who is speaking. I am not there to listen, but to facilitate a speaking process. We are a communication channel, that makes speaking accessible and to make sense. Listening is one of the puzzle pieces to generate empathy and provoke action and collaboration.


How do we break down both real and conceptual barriers toward quality and wide-ranging listening?


We send out a call for publication, where together the stakeholders of civil society are invited to speak about a large issue, in the format of their choice – children, retirees, organizations, companies, elected officials, etc. We publish the contributions. We organize events where the participants get on stage and share their contributions.

Fondements Théorique

Today we produce information – what is rare is recognition and uniqueness. Our individual experience needs to be recognized. One is always trying to distinguish and belong.
There is a war of inclusion and exclusion around meaning, which permeates the existing democratic processes – there is a whole economy of participation and the right to exist that runs parallel to the democratic tools in place . Existing channels are not sufficient.


Moment Factory – insistent and persistent at being Montrealers, creatives and explorers

L’importance de l’écoute

An isolated speech, in a vacuum, without recognition of the person speaking, from a human point of view is alienating. Alienation is the most damaging thing to the human being.
We are built from the expression, but for it to work it takes a witness.
For me listening is an act of testimony and being recognized is what allows us to be alive.


We can create a democratization tool that could positively affect the sectors of civil society, all the political issues. A global tool that promotes democratization and peace. By creating more empathy between people without connection, we increase our individual and collective power.